Casa da Eira Longa was built before 1750 by the heirs of Vilar, as evidenced by the parish records of that time.

The remodeling that this house was subject to at the turn of the twentieth century to the twenty-first century, only added comfort and good taste of what already existed here.

Indeed, this place retains the architectural structure of a typical wealthy farming house of the region of Barroso; room houses and other facilities encircle an internal courtyard; the old barns and stables, now converted into a museum, cellar or even regional suite, define the outer perimeter of the threshing floor which gives its name to the house.

According to tradition, the thick walls are still made of granite; the beams, the ceiling, the floors and the furniture are made of chestnut.
Composed of several buildings, Casa da Eira Longa resembles a village within another village.

We have to offer: a double bedroom apartment, three double rooms and two suites, a swimming pool in the middle of a wide lawn, a tennis court, a children’s playground, a regional wine cellar, one living room, a museum, a traditional kitchen, one barbecue and parking space.