Casa da Eira Longa not only is conveniently set amidst Nature, but is also seems to be part of it. Right in front of the garden, a superb natural scenery invites you to discover through walking, mountain biking, four-wheel motorcycling or by using all-terrain vehicles.
By taking one of the paths created by men throughout the ages, one enters a world of silence, magic and tranquility. At the top of the mound hills, that from west and southwest embroider Vilar – a small group of granitic village houses typical to Barroso region - stands out the Alto da Vigia. Just two steps ahead, stands, abrupt, Castro de Lesenho, where, in the 19th Century, were found four calaic warrior statues, historical testimonies of the early ages prior to our nation’s formation, now in the custody of Torre do Tombo. The view from here is astonishing: the peaks of Gerês, the Alvão, the Marão, the Cornos das Alturas, the Cabreira, the hills of Cabeceiras de Bastos, the Santa Barbara mountain range, Larouco and, further on the horizon, in Galicia, the legendary Sierra de Sanabria. To the south runs the river Beça, known for its trout. A few miles north, there’s the Pisões dam or of Alto Rabagão, an attractive artificial lake, where visitors can fish, swim and go canoeing.

Other points of interest: Termas de Carvalhelhos, Termas de Chaves, Adventure Park "Botica do Lazer” (Carvalhelhos), Romanesque Church of Covas do Barroso, Montalegre Castle, Eco-Museum of Boticas and Montalegre, Chaves’ Casino, Chaves’ Museum, Ponte Pedrinha (Roman), Beça’s old mines and Vidago’s golf courses. And yet, a little bit throughout the region: prehistoric dolmens, Roman fountains, calaic fortifications, stone pillories, community ovens, flax mills, windmills and also local gastronomy restaurants, sought by people from all over the country.

In the Summer, you can also witness a Chega de Bois.